Casis Chess Tournament 2016

Congratulations to the AAH Chess Club for their participation in the Casis Chess Tournament!
Here are the AAH members who participated:
Carson Friedman
Davis Rye
Danielle Rye
Hazel Fleming
Walter Fleming
Josiah Ross
Judah Lara
Marie Young
Oliver Davis
Individual Awards:  
We had 4 medal winners:  Davis, Judah, Marie and Oliver
Plus, Danielle had 4 wins and earned a 3rd place trophy in her section.
Team Results:  
Carson, Danielle and Marie earned a 3rd Place Trophy in their K-12 Under 700 Section.
Great job!
Special recognition also goes to Carson and Judah since this was their first Scholastic chess tournament.
Congratulations to all of the AAH players and their parents and grandparents who participated in this event! 

Region VI Chess Championships

KUDOS to our 11 AAH participants at the 2012 Region VI Chess
Championships that took place on April 21! AAH Chess Club was represented in
8 of 10 scholastic
sections!!! There were ~300 kids in attendance from all over our Region
(Austin &
San Antonio area) and the competition was tough!

Congratulations to the following kids & teams:


Caleb Tunks – Honorable mention trophy (1st trophy!) – 6th place – also
gained 145 rating pts!

Primary JV:

Cyrus Lowden – 1st tournament!!

Elizabeth Oksanen – 1st tournament!!

Primary Championship:

Ariadne Dodd – 1st place trophy!! – also gained 134 rating pts!!

Caleb, Cyrus, Elizabeth and Ariadne brought home the 3rd place Primary team

Elementary Novice:

Rocco Trosclair – medal – 10th place – also gained 101 rating pts!

Elementary JV:

Atticus Lowden – gained 75 rating pts!!

Middle School JV:

Shelby Britt – medal (1st time to get medal!) – 8th place – also gained 197
rating pts!!!

Middle School Championship:
Chad Quartaro – represented AAH well in a VERY tough section (harder than
high school section!!)

High School Championship:
Dylan James – 1st place trophy!!

Stephen Young – medal – 4th place – gained 42 rating pts!

Connor Britt – 10th place

Dylan, Stephen, and Connor brought home the 4th place High School team

State Scholastic Championships

Congrats to all of the AAH Chess Club members who competed at the State Scholastic Championships (Feb 18-19) in Dallas!

The seven AAH competitors were Emma Quartaro, Ian Hall, Chad Quartaro, Keith James,  Jeff Wylie, Stephen Young and Dylan James.

With over 1140 players in attendance, the State Championships offered some very stiff competition! We are proud of all of them!

Special congratulations for their performance go to Dylan James (tied for
3rd place, High School Championship), Ian Hall (tied for 6th place, Middle School JV),
and Keith James (tied for 13th place, Middle School Championship).

Chad, Emma, Jeff, and Keith all received honorable mention in their sections.

Most of the AAH participants gained rating points: Keith (15 pts), Stephen (29 pts), Jeff (36 pts), Chad (101 pts!), Ian (185 pts!), and Emma (227 pts!!!!).


In addition, Dylan, Stephen, & Jeff brought home the 5th place team trophy in the High School Championship section.

And Chad and Ian received the 10th place team trophy in the Middle School JV

In the Blitz tournament Friday night, Dylan got 1st place, Keith got 3rd and
Stephen got 4th.

In the bughouse tournament Saturday night, Dylan and Stephen got 4th place
in bughouse.

Other participants were Keith, Chad and Ian. It was a late night but
everyone had a good time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the awesome AAH chess parents who
volunteered at the event – Cheryl Quartaro, Bob Woodward, Dennis Hall and Annaleise Hall!!

Their work helped pay for our team room! In addition, Lori (our retired Director!) and I worked Chess Control for the organizer all weekend.

Special, special recognition goes to Brooke James and Ella Hall for putting together 1,150 medals. Those girls worked their tails off!!!!

Austin Chess Club Championships

The Second Annual Austin Chess Club Championships took place this past
weekend (Jan 6-8). Congrats to both Stephen Young and Michael Tunks,
who both played in the U1500 section. Michael, one of our chess club
dads, tied for 2nd place, bringing home a nice check for his efforts.
Stephen, one of our chess club teens, finished just out of the money,
but both players gained quite a few rating points.

The Austin Chess Club Championships is an adult tournament (with a
number of kids participating) which attracted 139 players from all
over Texas, and even New Mexico and Lousiana!

Congrats, guys!

All other results can be found at:

Scholastic Tournament – Mathews Elementary

This past Saturday, December 3rd, the last scholastic chess tournament
of 2011 was held at Mathews Elementary in Central Austin. Over 170
players were in attendance, and AAH was well represented. Kudos to
the following players who competed in the tournament. New players (*)
and awards are listed!

K-3: Ariadne Dodd – medal; K-3 U400: Davis Rye – medal; Caleb Tunks* –
medal Marie Young – medal; Brook James. The combined K-3 team came
home with the 2nd place trophy!

K-5/6: Joshua Anderson

K-12: Connor Britt – tied for first place, trophy; Stephen Young –
tied for third place, trophy; Chad Quartaro – medal; Walter Stager;
Caleb Anderson; Shelby Britt
The K-12 team came home with the 2nd place trophy!

Open: Keith James – 1st place u1600, cash prize

Baranoff Tournament Kudos

Congrats to all of the AAH participants at this weekend’s Baranoff
Scholastic Chess Tournament. AAH earned quite a few trophies, but they all
walked away winners!!!!!

Competing on the K-12 team were:
Connor Britt, Shelby Britt, Ian Hall, Chad Quartaro, and Stephen Young. The
team walked away with the 1st place trophy! In addition, Stephen and Connor
tied for 1st place, both with 4.5 out of 5. Chad earned a medal for a
positive score.

Competing on the K-3 team were:
Ariadne Dodd and Rocco Trosclair. Ariadne brought home the 3rd place
trophy, and Rocco was competing in his first chess tournament!

We are proud of you!!!!!!!!!

Oct. 15, 2011 – Austin Kids #23 at Springhill Suites Round Rock

Austin Kids #23 at the Springhill Suiites

Saturday, October 15, 2011 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Hosted by Austin Kids Chess Club & Temple Chess Club

  • Springhill Suites by Marriott
  • 2960 Hoppe Trl
  • Round Rock, Texas 78681
Open & U1400 play a 3SS, G/90
U900 play a 5SS, G/30


Saturday, October 15th 2011
Open (open to all players) and U1400 (open to all players with rating below 1400): 9 am – 6:30 pm
Scholastic (U900 in registration form, open to all scholastic players): 12 pm – 5:30 pm


Springhill Suites by Marriott Austin North Round Rock
(512) 733-6700
2960 Hoppe Trl, Round Rock, TX


A one-day tournament for all ages.
Open and U1400 sections: USCF rated, 3SS G/90
Accelerated pairings may be used to determine clear winners.
Scholastic section: USCF rated, 5SS G/30
In the Open and U1400 sections, we will subtract 5 minutes when using a delay clock.

Entry fee:

Open and U1400: $15
Scholastic section: $5


Pre-register here!
Without the pre-registration, an additional $5 fee will be charged.
List of Pre-registered Players!
On-site registration:
Open and U1400 sections: 8:30 am
Scholastic section: 11:45 am
Seats are limited to the first 16 in the Scholastic section and 42 in the Open/U1400 sections.. Players may be required to take a half-point bye if registered after the first round has started.

Round times:

Open and U1400: 9 am, 12:15 pm, and 3:30 pm.
Bring a sack lunch with you; we can help order/get fast foods around the area if needed.
Scholastic: 12:15 pm, 1:15 pm, 2:15 pm, 3:15 pm, and 4:15 pm


Open and U1400: $400 guaranteed – Prize distribution based on entries. If more than 33 register, prizes will be increased!
Open: 1st place $120, 2nd place $70, 1st place for lower half $40
U1400: 1st place $80, 2nd place $50, 1st place for lower half $30
Open and U1400: Biggest Upset $10
Scholastic: A trophy or a chess prize (clock, book, software, or chess set…) to the top finishers and the biggest upset in the tournament. Medals to all players with a positive score that do not get a trophy or chess prize.

Please bring your chess set & clock if possible.

For more information, email Nam Nguyen (512-786-9242), Jenwei Hsieh (512-560-2760), or Forrest Marler (254) 231-7026.

Oct. 30, 2011 – Chess in the Park

2011 Chess in the Park

Sunday, October 30, 2011 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Rocks & Rooks and The Austin Parks Foundation
  • Wooldridge Square Park
  • 900 Guadalupe Street
  • (9th & Guadalupe – Downtown)
  • Austin, Texas 78701

Come play chess in Wooldridge park! Five round, unrated G/20 tournament for all ages!
Online registration available now!

Hours: 12:00 noon to approx. 5:00 p.m.

Check-in starts at 11:20 a.m. All pre-registered players must arrive before 12 noon or they may be ineligible to play in the first round. Players whose registrations are received after Saturday, October 29th (or on-site) may receive a round 1 bye, and begin play in Round 2. Parking is free on the streets around the park.

Up to Four sections, by Grade Level: K-3 K-6 K-8 Open

The number of sections will depend on number of advance entries. Some sections may be merged or the format altered if there are too few pre-registered players in any section. This is an unrated tournament and NO USCF membership is required. Due to seating limitations, only the first 100 players may be registered and allowed to play in this event.

Minimum of four rounds. If time, weather, and section entries permit, we will hold five rounds.
Time Control in all sections: Game/20. This will be a Swiss-system tournament, so everyone plays all day — there is no “elimination.”

Medals to Top Contenders!

Medals and additional prizes will be presented to the top individuals in each section. The top three finishers in each section will receive a medal. More awards may be given out depending on the number of entries in a section.

Missing a round:

If you know in advance, before the tournament starts, that you must miss a round, contact us via emailasap to request a “bye”. This allows a player to skip a round with no penalty. One 1/2 pt. bye is available for any round that a player must miss, but only if notice is given with your registration. Any additional byes will be at 0-pts. Any player assigned a 1/2 point bye due to late or incomplete registration will not be eligible for additional 1/2 point requested byes. If you discover during the tournament that you must miss a round or leave early, please drop by the computer desk and let the registrar know! You will be assigned a 0 point bye, and you won’t be paired for that round. 

To register:

Early registration is only $8, and available thru Wednesday, October 26th at midnight. Late online registration is available until Saturday, October 30th at 7pm for $15. If you register before this deadline, you will receive a first round game. After the late registration deadline, you must register onsite, no later than 11:30am. Onsite registrations, also $15, are not guaranteed a first round pairing. In case of inclement weather, the tournament will be held at the Dobie Mall food court – Guadalupe and 21st.

Questions? Contact us or call 417-9008.

Austin Parks Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to promoting healthy, active parks. Giant Chess at Wooldridge Square Park is a part of APF’s initiative to revitalize Austin’s downtown parks. Giant Chess is sponsored by Downtown Austin Alliance and Downtown Austin Neighborhood Association.