Can beginners play? Our chess club welcomes players of all ages and abilities. We keep a local rating of our games so that players are matched with others of similar abilities. It is necessary that players are familiar with how the pieces move.

Can I drop off my child and run an errand?
If your child is 13 or older, you may ask another parent to be in charge of your child while you are gone. Under 13, the Hancock Recreation Center requires that you be present. Chess club volunteers are busy running the chess club, so AAH Chess Club requires that any child under 13 away from the playing area have a responsible adult present.

Do I have to come every week? No, you may come whenever you are available to join.

Do I have to arrive at 11:45 and stay for all rounds?
No, you may check in/out with the computer person when you arrive/leave. We do ask that you try to be either at set-up or take-down to help with tables/chairs/boards/pieces/etc.

What about tournaments? Tournaments are a great way to get to know other players and parents. Tournaments have sections that vary in levels of chess play based on USCF ratings, so everyone has a chance to enjoy a competitive event. However, children do not have to play in tournaments.

What about children who do not play chess?
Siblings that do not play chess are welcome at our club. With a pool table, ping pong table, outdoor playground, and many other children, there are plenty of activities and social time.

Other questions? Email: terradickerson11@gmail.com