State Scholastic Championships

Congrats to all of the AAH Chess Club members who competed at the State Scholastic Championships (Feb 18-19) in Dallas!

The seven AAH competitors were Emma Quartaro, Ian Hall, Chad Quartaro, Keith James,  Jeff Wylie, Stephen Young and Dylan James.

With over 1140 players in attendance, the State Championships offered some very stiff competition! We are proud of all of them!

Special congratulations for their performance go to Dylan James (tied for
3rd place, High School Championship), Ian Hall (tied for 6th place, Middle School JV),
and Keith James (tied for 13th place, Middle School Championship).

Chad, Emma, Jeff, and Keith all received honorable mention in their sections.

Most of the AAH participants gained rating points: Keith (15 pts), Stephen (29 pts), Jeff (36 pts), Chad (101 pts!), Ian (185 pts!), and Emma (227 pts!!!!).


In addition, Dylan, Stephen, & Jeff brought home the 5th place team trophy in the High School Championship section.

And Chad and Ian received the 10th place team trophy in the Middle School JV

In the Blitz tournament Friday night, Dylan got 1st place, Keith got 3rd and
Stephen got 4th.

In the bughouse tournament Saturday night, Dylan and Stephen got 4th place
in bughouse.

Other participants were Keith, Chad and Ian. It was a late night but
everyone had a good time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the awesome AAH chess parents who
volunteered at the event – Cheryl Quartaro, Bob Woodward, Dennis Hall and Annaleise Hall!!

Their work helped pay for our team room! In addition, Lori (our retired Director!) and I worked Chess Control for the organizer all weekend.

Special, special recognition goes to Brooke James and Ella Hall for putting together 1,150 medals. Those girls worked their tails off!!!!