Scholastic Tournament – Mathews Elementary

This past Saturday, December 3rd, the last scholastic chess tournament
of 2011 was held at Mathews Elementary in Central Austin. Over 170
players were in attendance, and AAH was well represented. Kudos to
the following players who competed in the tournament. New players (*)
and awards are listed!

K-3: Ariadne Dodd – medal; K-3 U400: Davis Rye – medal; Caleb Tunks* –
medal Marie Young – medal; Brook James. The combined K-3 team came
home with the 2nd place trophy!

K-5/6: Joshua Anderson

K-12: Connor Britt – tied for first place, trophy; Stephen Young –
tied for third place, trophy; Chad Quartaro – medal; Walter Stager;
Caleb Anderson; Shelby Britt
The K-12 team came home with the 2nd place trophy!

Open: Keith James – 1st place u1600, cash prize