Dec. 3, 2011 – Matthews Chess Tournament

Mathews Chess Tournament

Saturday, December 03, 2011 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Rocks & Rooks
  • Mathews Elementary
  • 906 W Lynn St
  • Austin, Texas 78703
A one-day tournament with sections for all ages. Three scholastic sections based upon grade level: K-3, K-3 U400, K-5/6, K-12. Scholastic sections are 5 rounds, G/30. Medals and Trophies to top contenders. One 4-round open section available for adults and Jr’s rated above 1200, rounds 1&2 are G/45 & rounds 3&4 are G/60. Prize money to top contenders. All sections are no elimination, all players play all rounds. Participants must be USCF members. Advance entry recommended. USCF membership available for purchase with registration. Online Entry available now!.

Five sections offered: K-3, K-3 U400, K-6, K-12, & Open(restricted)


This will be a Swiss-system tournament, so everyone plays all day—there is no “elimination.” Players must know how to play the game of chess! We will follow USCF rules including: touch-move, mandatory clocks if available, and notation. All students will be encouraged to take notation.



Review carefully for section eligibility! Students who are enrolled in the 6th grade MUST play K-12 or Open if they attend a Middle School or are homeschooled. Exception: Sixth graders rated under 600 may request to play K-6.

The Open Section is open to all ages. All scholastic players entering the Open Section must have reached 1200 at some point in their rating history. Contact the registrar if you have questions about this restriction. Ineligible open section entries will be placed in appropriate section and $5 refunded.

This is a rated tournament. All sections require a current USCF membership. Your USCF membership must not expire before December 31, 2011. JTPs ok for new K-3 players in either K-3 section. USCF memberships can be renewed/purchased at check-out.


8:15 – 8:45 a.m. On-site registration. Pay on-site fees, plus USCF dues if needed. Any on-site entry may receive a half-point bye for Rd 1.
8:30 – 9:00 a.m. Problem desk open. Any remaining preregistration problems should be addressed at this time. No check-in is necessary for preregistrations. We will make every attempt to contact you in advance if we see a problem with your registration. Note: If there is a problem with your entry and you arrive after the problem desk is closed, you may not be paired for Round 1. Verify your entry ONLINE!
9:00 a.m. Open section begins. Open has 4 rounds, Round 1 is G.45. Rounds 2-4 are G/60.
9:00 a.m. Important announcements in the Skittles Room (Cafeteria) about the Scholastic tournament. All players and coaches should be present.
9:20 a.m Pairings go up. Find your seats!
9:30 a.m. First round begins. K-3, K-3U400, K-5/6, & K-12 sections have 5 rounds, Game/30. All players, even those with problems or on-site registrations, should be present at the start of Round 1 in the playing hall for their section!

Round Times:

Approximate Scholastic Sections:
round 1 – 9:30am, round 2 – 11:00am, round 3 – 1:00pm, round 4 – 2:30pm
round 5 – 4:00pm
Approximate Open Section:
round 1 – 9:00am, round 2 – 10:45am, round 3 – 1:15pm, round 4 – 3:30pm.


There will be some “down time” between rounds since many games will finish early. We will provide an area (outside the tournament room) for casual “skittles” chess and/or other indoor activities. Parents and/or coaches, please provide age-appropriate activities during the time between rounds. You are responsible for your players between games! The organizers cannot baby-sit. No child should be left unattended!!!


Trophies & Medals to Top Contenders! Ribbons to all participants! Trophies to the top teams and the top individuals in each scholastic section. Number of trophies will depend on number of entries. Chess medals will go to all players (excluding Open section) that finish the tournament with a positive score (at least 3.0 out of 5.0) but do not trophy. No teams in Open section, but special trophies will be awarded to the highest scoring Parent & Child teams.

Registration Information:

Online registration preferred. Click on the blue starburst to “Register Now”! Early entry pricing (scholastic – $18, open $25) in effect until Friday, 12/2/2011, 12 noon. Online registration closes at 12 noon on Friday. Onsite registration available (scholastic – $30, open $35), but 1st round pairing not guaranteed!

Email Lori Balkum, registrar with questions,
or call 512-417-9008.

Make checks payable to “Rocks & Rooks”.
Mail checks to: PO Box 1386, Round Rock, TX 78680.
If you wish to pay by check, please register online and choose ‘check’ when you hit submit. Do not postmark after 11/26/2011!
Cash & checks accepted onsite. No credit cards onsite.

Organized by Rocks & Rooks. Gary Gaiffe, tournament organizer.